SERVICES: Bespoke Projects

NEMHDU carries out bespoke projects commissioned by organisations across the north of England. Where possible we work in partnership with other organisations, often service user and carer groups to enhance the project.

Some example of this work are below;

Participation and Engagement Programme

We are currently working with the Newcastle Gateshead Vanguard, Care Home Programme to create and deliver a bespoke Participation and Engagement programme, in which we have included a strong emphasis on Self Care.

Based on our previous leadership programmes the NEMHDU team has trained 8 Self Care Advocate volunteers, whose ages range approximately between 50 and 90 years, who are now engaging with community groups representing older people on behalf of the CCG across Gateshead. NEMHDU is also proving ongoing support for the volunteers, an evaluation element to the project and a celebration event in the autumn.

The Self Care Advocate sessions, include information on the vanguard programme to spread knowledge about its work, the use of our bespoke Self Care Wheel to promote the spread and increase of self management and some key questions for the CCG to gain feedback from around 500 members of its community. Early feedback is extremely positive.

Locality Mental Health Data Analysis

In 2015 we were commissioned by South tees CCG to provide a detailed analysis of the mental health picture across its locality. Using all the available data sources and structured interviews with key partners we were able to present findings to the CCG which suggested key areas for priority and future consideration. As part of the project we also reviewed the internal structure supporting its mental health commissioning and the external relationships with partners, making some key recommendations for improvement.

Following on from this we were further commissioned to provide some expert input and development of a mental health strategy to influence the CCGs future thinking.

Out of Area Placements Project

For the last 18 months we have been working in partnership with Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Founcation Trust and the 5 CCGs which use its services, to deliver an Out of Area Placements project. As part of the project we have reviewed the placements of over 50 people and all but 6 are now repatriated and receiving services locally. The project has created significant financial savings as well as some heart warming case studies of people receiving better care closer to home.


If you are considering commissioning some additional capacity to deliver a bespoke project please get in touch using the 'contact us' button below for an informal discussion.