SERVICES: Board and Team Development

NEMHDU provides a range of bespoke development days for teams across the health and social care system. Ranging from Board ‘Time Outs’ to consider vision and strategy or analysis of the organisation, to fun team building sessions based on profiling and team challenges. These are usually one full day and run by two very experienced facilitators and development coaches. Site visits and discussions with key individuals are used to structure the day to make sure it achieves added value outcomes for the commissioning organisation or its partners. The day can include a range of workshops dependant on the identified needs of the team.

Cost £1500 +VAT, exclusive of venue and freshment costs and facilitator expenses

For those requiring a more in depth and longer term approach to team or organisational development we can offer an extended programme. Whilst this would also be bespoke we have included an example process and costs below.

Phase 1: Vision and Strategy Development

NEMHDU would envisage working alongside the Board and the wider team in order to articulate a clear vision and objectives for the organisation. In order to prepare for this the NEMHDU project lead would engage in 1:1 conversations with key individuals to identify any underlying issues or opportunities which may affect the outcome of the initial development day.

At this stage NEMHDU would propose a development day loosely structured as follows:

  • Personal introductions and getting to know each other
  • Valuing diversity in teams
  • Identify a clear vision for the organisation – developing different vision ideas and identifying agreed themes
  • Identify organisational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Developing strategies – what should we be doing more, less, new or stop?

 Phase 2: Team Development

We may for example use an Appreciative Inquiry approach for this phase of the process recognising that continuing to look at what is going wrong is not always helpful for a team. Working with the whole Staff Team we would look to identify examples and areas of excellence and how we might build on those. Two areas for consideration may be:

  • What is your best experience of working in a team and why was it so good?
  • Tell us about your best ever experience of delivering care and what made it so good?

Further areas for consideration would be identified throughout Phase 1 and developed into group activities as appropriate.

Phase 3: System and Service Improvement

This phase consists of the development of skills and knowledge in the fields of system redesign, utilising tried and tested methodologies.  Again we would envisage working with the whole Staff Team in structured sessions which could cover the following:

  • Understanding systems and team processes, to include Lean Thinking, Results Chain methodology and demand & capacity theory
  • Process mapping and redesign - mapping of real processes within the team and the use of PDSA cycles in order to implement change

 Added Value

NEMHDU would also provide a full write up of this process along with outcomes, in order to contribute to any overall evaluation for commissioners.

Costs £8000 + VAT, exclusive of venue, refreshments and facilitator expenses

We are also available to run individual workshop sessions as part of your existing development process for example Valuing Team Diversity is an engaging and fun workshop aimed at helping teams understand each other and value each others strengths. Appreciative Inquiry can be structured to workshop format and focus on a key area for team development.

Cost £225 +VAT per workshop, exclusive of venue, refreshments and facilitator expenses


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