Maureen Johnson began her career in health services over 25 years ago in a dispensing GP practice in Northumberland, before moving to Yorkshire and working in an administrative capacity in a mental health day unit.
Later roles in a Family Health Services Authority and a Health Authority, involved helping to develop primary care chronic disease management and health promotion programmes, which were rolled out by the Department of Health for use across the country. Maureen also played a key role in the delivery of residential primary care team development workshops and supported the development and implementation of a minority ethnic community consultation, which had a major demonstrable impact on public health in the locality.
Whilst working in the Health Authority and latterly PCTs, Maureen specialised in NHS communications, including publications and web development, working with the media, and joint market research projects with Local Authorities.
Maureen began to focus specifically on mental health when she moved to the North East, Yorkshire and Humber regional development centre of the National Institute for Mental Health in England in 2004, and having gained extensive experience in event management, business and project management she became the Business Manager for the North East Mental Health Development Unit when it was established in 2009.
Along with Dave and Paul, Maureen was one of the founding members of the North of England Mental Health Development Unit and works part time as the company’s Business Manager. In her spare time Maureen pursues her own business of picture framing.