SERVICES: Mental Health Awareness

NEMHDU has available a 2 day programme which covers the most common aspects of mental health disorders. The programme is innovative in that it actively promotes personal research skills and utilises live social media platforms as part of the learning process. Participants are allocated laptops, tablets and wifi access in order to augment the ‘taught’ course materials with materials found on the internet or via facebook etc. Feedback from participants is extremely positive with a number of participants enjoying the ‘way we are treated as adults, our contributions were important’.

This programme is for staff working within mental health services and staff who are likely to come into contact with people experiencing mental health problems. It has previously been delivered to Support, Time and Recovery (STR) workers.

For those who want a little more depth or specific topics covered, please get in touch for an informal discussion.

Cost £2,500 +VAT for up to 20 participants, excluding travel costs.

Venues and refreshments are not included

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