Newsletter 39

April has brought with it blue skies and sunshine—and a bumper edition of our newsletter!
As promised last time, we bring you a brief summary of the evaluation of the Living Well with Dementia programme—the first of its kind engagement programme for people with dementia.
We also have an overview of some work we have been doing with South Tees Clinical Commissioning Group, to develop their mental health commissioning capacity.
And another year has whizzed past meaning it’s time for us to share with you our review of activity for 2014, as presented at our recent Annual General Meeting.
We have information about a range of activities, resources and workshops offered by Start to Smile and Them Wifies and details of a new housing mental health service in Gateshead.
Our round-up of policy news contains a wealth of information published at the end of last month, just before the anticipated ‘quiet period’ in the run-up to the general election. Amongst this is a link to handy at-a-glance guides to the main parties’ plans and pledges, produced by the NHS Confederation Happy reading… until next time.

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