NEMHDU has developed a bespoke Self-Care Wheel, to encourage participants to think about their level of involvement and control over specific elements of their care and they are asked to give themselves a score between 1 (not doing well in this area) and 5 (doing very well in this area). Based on research within the fields of patient activation and self-care/management, each element is designed as an ‘I’ statement which is used to encourage reflection and discussion among participants.

The self-care wheel has been used as part of our Living Well with Dementia and Self-Care Participation & Engagement programmes. Early indications suggest that the tool is useful in raising awareness of what self-care is and its importance, helping individuals reflect on their levels of self-care, and planning to make incremental change.

Work is about to get underway on further validation of the self-care wheel tool. Whilst this is progressing NEMHDU would be happy to discuss with you delivery of bespoke training packages in this unique and developing field.

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